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The event

TID. Trieste Intermodal Day. A day, an event, a hotspot to get people talking all year round about the future of European intermodality in all its different components: technology, innovation, ideas, environment, society, and business.

TID is a centre of attraction and aggregation. A borderless hub of creativity to be accessed to learn about and disseminate intermodality in all its many facets. A container and incubator of ideas open to internationality and the contributions of different worlds and disciplines, with contaminations from the sciences, from IT, and even from philosophy.

An event open to innovation and free listening, TID aims to become the leading appointment for new intermodal logistics, by connecting visions, research and businesses and generating inspiration and new perspectives.

TID summons to Trieste leading logistics professionals, scientists, opinion leaders, and innovators, both public and private, to inspire and engage, to make us think and move forward together.

TID is the expression of the Port of Trieste. A steadily growing international model of connectivity, one capable of attracting businesses, ideas and innovations, and disseminating them to an expanding European and global hinterland.

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Speakers of the 2019 edition


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Trieste Port Community Stakeholders and Sponsors

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